Thursday, June 23, 2016

Project Update

Since my last post, some exciting things have happened on site.  The interior of the house is wrapping up and our clients are preparing to move in soon.  I think everyone at Bonin Architects who has worked so hard on this project is really pleased with the product that has taken shape.  I was fortunate enough to walk through the house with our client yesterday morning and came away feeling very satisfied with how well the interior and exterior work together.  There seems to be a good view from almost every room in the house.  Whether it's the lake, forest, gardens, or the entry court, there is always something good to look at.  While I was on site one evening this week, after all the contractors had gone home, this site was dappled in shade, there was a slight breeze, loons were calling, and it could not have been more comfortable, peaceful, and serene.  I'm very happy that experience is something we are able to deliver to our clients.
Weather has been HOT....and relatively dry.  Great for enjoying the outdoors, not that great for new plants.  The irrigation system has done a nice job of fighting off the weather and keeping plants healthy.
Railings have been installed around the main terrace and the walkout basement stair.  They're made of custom fabricated steel frames (painted black) stained mahogany hand rails, and stainless steel cables.  The stainless steel rails do an amazing job of going away.  That is, not hindering the view beyond and actually reflecting colors from the landscape.

Copper gutters and rain chains have been installed to control roof run-off at the doorways to the terrace, as well as the front entry and rear garage entry.  The rain chains channel the water into catch basins concealed with-in the stone drip edge and then into the storm water management system.
Yesterday afternoon, the base layer of the asphalt driveway was installed.  Finish coat will go on after construction is all wrapped up and won't be damaged by construction vehicles or moving trucks.  Feels a lot more like a residence and less like a construction site.

Still to come on this project..........exterior column lights, finish coat on the driveway, and some bonus plantings.  We should have some echinacea blooming shortly as well as some hydrangeas and sedum.  I'm eager to see this landscape continue to evolve through the seasons.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Big Transformation

Last week sod went in on this project and the transformation was quite remarkable.  The site, which has been dry and dusty for months instantly felt cool, soft and lush.  The house and landscape began to feel as if they had been there for years and the design we had envisioned had really started to look like a finished product.
An early bird's eye conceptual rendering.
 The plants along the wall are Climbing Hydrangea (Hydrangea anomala petiloaris).

The white flowering perennials you are seeing are Candytuft  (Iberis sempervirens) underneath a Kousa Dogwood (Cornus kousa) which hasn't totally leafed out yetbacked up by Canadian Hemlock (Tsuga canadensis), which serves as both a backdrop for the Kousa and as privacy screening.  Also mixed in among the Hemlocks are several Winterberries (Ilex verticillata) which should provide interest in the winter months with their bright red berries.

Next up for this project.....railings, landscape lighting, and driveway.......stay turned and be sure to check out Bonin Architects to see some of our other work.