Friday, October 14, 2016

Autumn Planting

Fall is a great time to plant, and not just for springs bulbs.  I recently planted about 300 Daffodil, Hyacinth and Allium bulbs at the Bonin Architects office, but that's a post for another day.  The primary benefit of late season planting is that cooler temperatures mean less heat stress on your new plantings.  Shorter days, lower sun, and lower temps mean your plants are less likely to dry out and will probably need less watering.  Another benefit of fall installation is that plants have put on a season of growth in the nursery, so the plant you're buying, though in the same size container, is bigger and probably a bit sturdier than the same plant you would have purchased in the spring.  Also, it's often cheaper.  You can usually find perennials at discounted prices in the fall at your local garden center as stores are trying to liquidate their stock for the winter.  If you can get past the disappointment of a few brown and yellow leaves and the absence of a bright colorful flower, fall planting makes a lot of sense.  Vision and patience!  When you're out buying your Mums, see what's on the discount rack.

This week we started planting the project from my previous post.  Check out these progress photos.
Mixed perennial beds include Echinacea 'Magnus', Leucanthemum, Perovskia, Achillea, and Rudbeckia among others.
Rhododendrons transplanted from on-site soften the walls and really help to ground the property.
The Sweetshrub, Caylcathus floridus, pictured on the left here with the yellow foliage, will provide a brilliant, fruity fragrance to people using the patio.  Patio is surrounded with mixed perennials including Stella de Oro Daylilies, Catmint, Pinks, and Salvia.  Iris sibirica 'Caesar's Bother' lines the front of the rain garden beyond.
Plants with greater shade tolerance will populate the spaces along this walkway and in between retaining boulders including  Hostas, Tiarella, Astilbes, and Alchemilla
Fall foliage is peaking across the lake, but this walkway will have some great color next spring and summer as well.  Endless Summer Hydrangeas, Astilbes, Foamflower,  and Lady's Mantle will provide a great range of color and textures.