Monday, March 20, 2017

Happy Spring!

It's March 20th.....the Vernal Equinox.  A week ago we were bracing for winter storm Stella, which dropped 16" of snow here in New London, and much more in other places throughout Northern New England.  Prior to that, things were starting to look much more spring-like around here.  Most of our snow had disappeared, minus a few shady spots and dirty parking lot piles.  The buds of the red maple in front of my house had begun to swell, the maple syrup tappers were out in full force, and some of the lilies around the office even started to break though the soil.  Then winter came roaring back.  Anyways, it won't be long.  I'm getting anxious to see the bulbs I planted in October sprout and bloom.

Meanwhile, in the office here at Bonin Architects, we've been busy, getting plans together for this summer.  We have an exciting variety of projects taking shape.  We've been working on new construction lake homes, several additions, renovations, residential master planning, a commercial master plan and feasibility study, and some in-house office projects.  So, this should be an exciting season for us.  Here's a look at some projects we've been working on this winter.

Courtyard rendering for a collection of family-owned properties.  Limited open space on tight lots is utilized to unify adjoining properties with shared outdoor space.  Architectural detailing further helps to unify what are very different existing structures.

Terrace design for addition.  Previous clients were able to purchase an abutting easement, allowing them to expand their existing home.

Previous clients expressed a desire for addition shade on their lakeside terrace.  We designed this pergola with retractable shade screens to be added to their existing home.  We were able to generate real shade conditions to show the clients what they will gain from the structure depending on time of day and season.